If you require a rotary screw compressor 90kW or above than you should consider the benefits of a two-stage compressor over a typical single stage machine. Single-stage compressors use one airend to compress air to the required system pressure whereas a two-stage compressor separates the compression process over two separate airends.
A two-stage screw compressor can provide total efficiency savings of between 15-20% over a single-stage equivalent screw compressor, resulting in a fast payback on the additional capital investment. In any plant that equates to significant energy and maintenance cost savings per annum.

Furthermore, combine two-stage with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and you have high efficiency over the full demand range.
A two-stage screw compressor works by splitting the compression process between two airends resulting in better efficiency due to a lower compression ratio in each airend. Lower compression ratio’s result in reduced internal losses compared to a single-stage airend.
After compression in the first stage airend the air is intercooled to reduce the temperature which reduces the amount of work required for the second stage airend to achieve the set operating pressure, further boosting efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
The shared compression load results in less axial load on the airend bearings resulting in extended bearing life. This will lower maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.
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