When we were looking for a compressed air supplier that could cater to our specialised needs. Southern Cross Compressors product quality and customised service plan exceeded our expectations in terms of Southern Cross delivers clean air solution.

Freemantle Stock Feeds had endured chronic air quality problems for years with their old compressed air system.
After looking at options to replace the system they chose to install a new Southern Cross KHE, Variable Speed compressor and immediately began to realise the benefits.

Owner Freemantle Stock Feeds, Graeme Freemantle said:
“We installed our new compressor system with auto drain as recommended by Southern Cross for maximum performance.

From the moment we fired the unit up, we knew we had made the right decision. Smooth, quiet operation was the first stand out feature but watching just how quickly it charged our whole production system was a further bonus.

After only running the system for an hour, we noticed a sharp increase in air quality and water in the air main completely vanished, at last leaving us with strong, dry, clean air. Suddenly all our past air problems were over.

We are very impressed with the service, advice and of course the final product from Southern Cross Compressors”.
In Fremantle Stock feeds case the clean air aspect was a critical factor in their upgrade decision. Many companies are now realising the inadequacies of their current compressed air systems both to cope with their needs now and well into the future. By upgrading existing systems or installing modern high efficiency compressors, companies can achieve remarkable savings that more than cover the cost of the upgrade.