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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers


Southern Cross Compressors offers the highest quality range of refrigerated air dryers to ensure you get effective and efficient drying of compressed air all year round regardless of operating conditions or your application.

When selecting the appropriate refrigerated air dryer for your application a number of variables must be taken into consideration if the air dryer is to function properly. These include air flow, working pressure, ambient temperature and air temperature. A dryer incorrectly sized will not function correctly, can cause pressure drop or shut down during hot weather resulting in saturated air entering your system.

Refrigerated air dryers remove liquid condensate (moisture) from your compressed air which will protect your equipment and process from the damage moisture can cause including contamination, product failure and equipment malfunction.


Factors for correctly sizing and selecting refrigerated air dryers:

  • Air volume flow rate (m3/min, L/sec, CFM, etc)
  • Air pressure (kPa, bar, psi etc)
  • Ambient air temperature (for the hottest working days of the year)
  • Air dryer inlet temperature (generally 10°C above the ambient air temperature)
  • Pressure dewpoint (PDP) -temperature at which water vapour condenses to form water – typically we select for a 3°C PDP (when offering a refrigerated dryer). This will result in over 95% of all moisture being removed.
  • Other methods for removing moisture vapour from your compressed air include the use of a desiccant air dryers in specialist applications.

Remember that this is Australia so you must select your air dryer for Australian conditions if it is to function correctly under all operating conditions.


  • High energy saving heat exchangers
  • Stainless steel condensate separators available
  • Auto alarm and shut down safety systems help to protect the refrigerated air dryer in the event of a malfunction or excessive temperature
  • Electronic auto drains ensure condensate is effectively removed


It is vital you consult a compressed air expert for advice on the correct refrigerated air dryer for your application to ensure effective operation all year round. Correctly sizing your refrigerated air dryer will avoid ongoing problems in higher ambient conditions that could result in a loss of productivity, an increase in maintenance costs as well as equipment or product damage.

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