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The Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor KA series range is designed as a heavy-duty, slow revving, cast iron, industrial compressor that is built for rugged, reliable operation.

The KA Series Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors have been engineered using only the highest quality components ensuring reliability in a myriad of heavy-duty applications. These Heavy-Duty, cast iron, slow-revving compressors incorporating over-sized pumps, large cooling fans and disc valves results in a super-efficient and reliable machine with superior performance and a longer trouble-free life. The slow-revving pump coupled with a large cooling fan and deep cooling fins means a correctly sized KA series piston compressor can handle the most  demanding applications

Heavy Duty, Cast Iron Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors have always been the backbone of industry for decades. Southern Cross Compressors Australia have a range of models from 3 – 15kW (4– 20hp) which are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Be it primary producers, small manufacturers, processing plants, packaging, transport, automotive or tyre industries we have you covered with safe, reliable and clean compressed air. Contact us now for expert advice on selecting the right air compressor for your needs.

Models of Reciprocating Air Compressors Available

  • 3kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-4
  • 4kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-5.5
  • 5.5kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-7.5
  • 7.5kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-10
  • 11kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-15
  • 15kW Reciprocating Air Compressor – Piston – KA-20

WHY Reciprocating Compressors

Every feature of the Reciprocating KA Series (piston) compressor highlights its quality.

The Southern Cross KA Series reciprocating compressor presents outstanding value when compared to many light weight alternatives. We are so confident in it’s heavy-duty capabilities we offer a number of generous flexible support options giving you peace of mind. At the end of the day you want compressed air and the KA series delivers plenty and then some.  Call us for more information.


Southern Cross Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Compressors (Piston Compressors) are engineered using the highest quality components.

  • Slow Revving, Cast Iron Pump
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Disc Valves
  • Robust Safety Guard
  • IP55 MEPS Compliant WEG Electric Motor
  • Industrial Grade High Quality Finish
  • Powerful, High Flow Cooling Fans
  • Start/Stop Control (standard on KA4 – KA10)
  • Star Delta Starter (KA15 & KA20)
  • Dual Control (KA15 & KA20)
  • Dual Control On models KA-15 and KA-20
  • Heavy-duty, tapered roller bearings
  • Large air receiver in compliance with AS1210-3
  • Disc valves

Every reciprocating air compressor is rigorously workshop tested to perform to stringent quality standards.


  • Flexible Service Plans
  • System Design & Consultation
  • Installation
  • 24/7 Servicing
  • Preventative Maintenenace
  • Air Audits
  • Air Receiver Inspections
  • Air End Rebuilds
  • Air Compressor Hire

Ancillary Equipment

  • Air Receivers
  • Dryers
  • After-Coolers
  • Coalescing Air Filters
  • Oil-Water Separators
  • Auto Drains
  • Condensate Separators
  • Safety Valves