Huon is constantly researching ways to reduce the loss of fish and how the valuable fish oil and other bi-products could be extracted from their process. This was where the Southern Cross air compressors were utilised to power the extraction and delivery of fish from each pen. A reasonably recent innovation by Huon, the company has in fact ordered another seven new compressors from Southern Cross which are specifically designed and encased in stainless steel cabinets to better withstand the harsh elements at sea.

Having utilised compressed air in their land-based operations for years, Huon Aquaculture Tasmania has successfully trialled the use of compressed air in their sea-based operations.

Huon commissioned 37KW Southern Cross KHE compressors on feed barges at the centre of each major pen configuration to power the salmon recovery from pens to the feed barges. This innovation has proven highly successful allowing remote selection of up to 12 separate pens to be centrally and individually controlled. With Huon’s ever-evolving innovation and development of safer and more efficient systems, management has now opted to upgrade and replace these well-worked compressors with seven new models. Working with Southern Cross designers and technicians, the new Huon customised compressors will utilise a high level of stainless steel componentry and be fully encased in stainless steel cabinets to better weather the extreme offshore conditions encountered in the salmon farm environment.

David Morehead, General Manager of Marine Operations at Huon, stated: “After experiencing the reliability and efficiency of the older compressors, we had no hesitation in working with Southern Cross to replace them with new KHE series compressors adapted specifically to our needs. We would expect the new compressors to serve us well into the future.”

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