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Southern Cross Compressors has a high quality durable oil-water separator to help you effectively remove oil contaminants from your compressed air system as well as enable environmentally responsible removal and disposal of oil waste.


For environmentally responsible companies, the correct disposal of trade waste is a fundamental business objective. For example, the following air compressor types up to the following amounts of oil and hydrocarbons into the air lines:

Air Compressor Amount of Oil
Rotary screw air compressor 5 parts per million
Reciprocating air compressor 80 parts per million


These amounts of oil cannot be legally discharged into drainage systems, therefore an oil water separator is essential for your compressed air system. It is essential to get expert advice on effective removal and disposal of oil waste from your compressed air system to insure you comply with all legislation.

The most basic ‘off-the-shelf’ oil water separators are made from plastic. They are cheaper to purchase but require some ongoing maintenance.

There are also very efficient stainless steel oil water separators that have an indefinite lifespan and minimal maintenance.


Comparison Table

Oil Water Separator Type Benefits Disadvantages
Plastic – Oil Water Separators Stops oil from discharging to waste Cannot be kept in sunlight or plastic will perish
Simple to set up and maintain Needs 6 monthly maintenance
Relatively inexpensive to purchase
Can easily be sized to your air compressor
Stainless Steel – Oil Water Separators Stainless steel will not rot or rust More expensive than a plastic model
Will last indefinitely
No costly ongoing maintenance