A key feature of the new Southern Cross Keysborough operation is a state of the art airend rebuild centre. This specialised workshop is where customers rotary screw air ends will be returned to original manufacturers specifications.

Rebuilding a rotary screw airend requires specialist skills, tools and equipment. Southern Cross has invested in a first class facility to gives us the best chance of getting the optimum service life out of an airend. Rotary screw air ends, like any rotating equipment, require overhaul from time to time. These precision engineered components are the heart of any screw compressor. Correct bearing replacement must be undertaken in a controlled environment to prevent dust and other contaminants from impacting the life of new bearings.

The new Southern Cross rebuild centre has been equipped with an extensive inventory of equipment including:

  • Negative pressure dust control centre
  • Electric over head crane
  • Rotating table
  • Bearing induction heater
  • Crack detection equipment
  • Specialised bearing removal tools
  • Dial indicators
  • We also have an extensive machine shop including, lathe, pedestal drills, welding equipment, parts washing machine, grinding and polishing equipment.

As air ends are manufactured to fine tolerances, it is critical that a rebuilt airend meets exact manufacturer requirements to ensure it operates at its optimal efficiency in order to minimise operating costs. This has been the focus when designing the new rebuild centre. The new rebuild centre has been designed to complete air end rebuilds on rotary screw airends and gas ends up to 400 kW, both single and two stage models.

Every resource required has been integrated into the new rebuild centre so that we can offer customers an air end rebuild service, delivering superior efficiency and reliability with a fast turnaround time.

At Southern Cross Compressors we have been rebuilding air ends from virtually every make and model air compressor manufactured over the last 30 years. Whatever the make and model rotary screw compressor we have the expertise and resources to ensure a first class job.

If you would like more information on our new rebuild centre or our air end rebuild capabilities don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 101 709 or simply complete the ‘Enquiry’ form on this page.