Lifetime Warranty Extension and Fixed Servicing

We LAUNCHED lifetime extension to warranty on our renowned ‘SKY’ series of rotary screw air-end at National Manufacturing Week!

These rotary screw air-ends are used in both single and two-stage KHE series compressor packages. This extension applies to air compressors delivered after 31 May 2015.

The confidence we have in the screw ai-rend, the heart of the compressor, represents a massive change in industry thinking. Simply, because of the outstanding reliability of the screw compressors that are currently in the field. A division of the Kaishan Group, we design and manufacture the highly efficient ‘SKY’ series screw air-ends, and have full factory backing for this bold initiative.

The screw air-end has always been the most expensive part of any rotary screw compressor, with failure often leading to high maintenance expenses. We now give you the peace of mind you need.

Given that our customers have some obligations to maintain your warranty by ensuring your compressor is correctly serviced, we will help you further by locking in routine service pricing, ‘fixed and firm’, for the first five years of your compressors life. We want to give you the opportunity to fully understand your compressor needs and budget for routine service expenses during this time.

One initiative on its own represents an enormous step forward in the compressed air industry. Combined however, they represent great value and certainty for you.