In early January Melbourne sweated through the worst heatwave in 100 years. Four consecutive days over 40°C and overnight temperatures above 25°C not only took their toll on people but also tested the limits of every compressed air system.
Southern Cross Compressors received a number of calls for help from customers with compressors shutting down due to overheating. The extreme heat caught out many plants that had compressed air equipment not capable of handling these extended periods of extreme heat.
The weather highlighted the importance of ensuring companies select compressors and ancillary equipment designed to handle the Australian climate.

Southern Cross is proud to say that not one of its flagship KHE Series rotary screw compressors failed in the heatwave. The development efforts to produce a compressor to handle all conditions faced in Australia resulted in no recorded downtime experienced by our customers.
Southern Cross understands that downtime is very expensive and the heat highlighted not only the need for equipment designed to handle the Australian climate but also correctly sized aftercoolers and dryers to ensure they are still effective in hot conditions and don’t cause air quality issues to downstream plant processes and instruments.
Ongoing service and maintenance will also ensure that older equipment is in the best condition to handle extreme weather conditions.
If you’re facing issues in the hot weather due to overheating equipment, Southern Cross can review your system and assist you in ensuring you have the most reliable compressed air system to handle Australian conditions.
You can contact Southern Cross Compressors on 1300 101 709 or simply complete the ‘Enquire’ form on this page to get prompt service and advice on this issue.