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With LMF Compressors Austria, now part of the global Kaishan Group, Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) has the capacity to supply, install and service large scale, high pressure compressed air systems for Australian oil, gas and mining industries.

Imparting LMF’s 166 years plus of expertise, experience and supply capabilities in major applications throughout the world, Southern Cross is now fully capable of providing custom design, engineering, production, testing under full load, erection, start-up and related services to Australian industry.

Globally recognised for its innovative leadership, LMF provides consistently high quality, state of the art products and services.

The broad product range provides power from 4kW to 6000kW/8000HP and discharge pressure up to 700 Bar/10150 PSI for air, natural gas and process gases.

LMF compressed air and gas solution provide benefits to customers in greatly increased efficiency, productively and profitability.

Southern Cross service technicians have been fully trained in the installation and servicing of these large scale, high pressure systems and with one of Australia’s largest and most qualified mobile service fleets, the company has extended it’s 24/7 servicing provision to this new venture.

Australian industry can now have the confidence to acquire and install systems that are designed and commissioned to fit their exacting application needs through a leading, fully qualified and globally supported local compressed air specialist company.

LMF’s unique high pressure technology brings a highly advanced, custom designed and built range of industrial air compressors for applications in Petrochemical & Refinery, Siesmic research, transportation, storage and power, Pipeline evacuation, Industial gases, PET for bottle production, Biomethne and natural gas vehicle.


  • pressure up to 700 bar
  • power range 20 up to 6.200 kW
  • watercooled / aircooled
  • lubricated / non-lubricated
  • all gases except Oxygen
  • replaceable liner available