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Discover the advantages of using LMF EcoPET compressors:

  • Cutting-edge high-pressure compressors for PET bottle production
  • Highest cost-effectiveness in terms of investment & operating costs
  • Compressed Air Recovery (C.A.R.) System for lowest energy consumption


Compressor units in „V“ configuration with final pressure rates of up to 40 bar (580 psi) and power rates of up to 500 KW (670 hp) are available.
These compressors are largely used in PET bottle production.


The compressor aggregate with drive, coolers, separators and monitoring facilities comes readily mounted on a basic frame (1).
The control cabinet (2) is used to control and monitor all components of the system and enables the communication with the blowing machi ne. Apart from the compressed air container (4), the modular system also contains the refrigerant type dryer (3) and the re-cooling system (6).

Based on a standard aggregate for an output quantity of 600 m³/h F AD (353 cfm), a maximum output of up to 3,200 m³/h (1,883 cfm) is possible by adding an upstream blower (5).
The compact design of the LMF EcoPET flex concept allows an installation even in case of space restrictions.


Design of EcoPET units

Based on long-term experience, project planning by LMF offers the required accuracy in the determination of air-blowing demand as well as in the selection of an optimal air-blowing compressor system by way of the especially developed EcoPET design program.

EcoPET unit for rent 

LMF offers a complete containerized compressor unit for rent. This allows flexible use within a group of companies with different business premises or for bridging compressor failures and delivery times.

C.A.R. System – Compressed Air Recovery 

Optimisation of blow-air consumption by recirculation into the compressor. Feeding depends on pressure level on the relevant condenser level.

Environmental compatibility and safety standards 

  • Absolutely oil-free operation
  • Low energy-consumption rates
  • Comprehensive test-runs and documentation

After Sales Service 

Training, start-up, service and maintenance at LMF ar e carried out by best-trained technicians. Our permanent staff is supported by lo cal specialists worldwide.

With service agreements, local storage of spare parts and a 24-hour phone service we ensure uninterrupted production processes for our clients.


Advantages and benefits of EcoPET blowing-air compressors 
The EcoPET blowing-air compressors by LMF represent the latest high-pressure compressor concept for PET bottle blowing. EcoPET blowing-air compressors feature the following advantages and uses for clients:

Highest cost-effectiveness in terms of investment costs
> Optimal money-for-value relation
> No machine foundation
> 2 pressure levels (35 and 40 bar / 507 and 580 psi)
> Modular structure

Highest cost-effectiveness in terms of operating costs 
Saving energy by way of continuously variable contr ol of capacities.

Significant energy-saving potential of up to 16 % is achieved es pecially in the typical partial-load area of a blowing-air compressor unit by way of continuously variable control of the quantity supplied.

Highest cost-effectiveness in terms of service costs 
> Long-term durability of expendable parts
> Reduction of storage costs
> Optimisation of processes by way of recources
> Superordinate control

The controls of the compressors must be mutually adjusted. For more than 2 compressors in parallel operation, LMF offers automatic “priority con trols” for optimal usage of capacities of the EcoPET compressors. Moreover, already existing compressors can also be integrated in the system.