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Southern Cross Air Compressors sell, service and support a comprehensive range of industrial air compressors including Single & 2 Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Compact Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Scroll Air Compressors & Reciprocating Air Compressors to suit every industry and application. From standard, customised and engineered solutions.

All our air compressor and gas compressor products meet the highest international standards accordance with ISO9001-2008 and are designed and made to perform and last, utilising the latest global energy saving technology.

24/7 Support Australia Wide

With a fleet of mobile technicians and partners across Australia, Southern Cross Air Compressors offer flexible support programs to ensure your air compressor and system is maintained in optimum running order. You can be confident of interruption free production at the lowest possible energy cost.

Our experienced technicians are highly trained to service and maintain all  types and brands of air compressors and ancillary equipment. We offer 24/7 repairs & service and ongoing preventative maintenance.

Wide Range of Products & Parts

Southern Cross Compressors stock a full range of air compressor accessories and replacement air compressor parts including air dryers, air receivers, aftercoolers, air filters, condensate separators, auto drains & oil water separators.

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Air Leak Detection & Audits

Southern Cross compressed Air Leak Detection surveys or comprehensive Air Audits can save money being lost through leaks and system inefficiencies.

Resulting improvements often result in thousands of dollars per year in energy cost savings.

Air Compressors Lifetime Airend Warranty

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