As part of the ongoing mission to help customers ‘lower the cost of compressed air’ Southern Cross Compressors  are now offering free system inspections to review the health of your compressed air system and to identify areas of efficiency improvement to achieve significant operating cost savings.
Compressed air is one of the most expensive energy sources. With the rising costs of electricity, any improvements in efficiency can translate into savings totalling thousands of dollars annually.

System inspections are carried out exclusively by highly trained and experienced staff with extensive industry experience in engineering highly efficient compressed air systems for a range of different industries and applications.
Recently appointed to head site inspections in Victoria is Southern Cross Compressors National Technical Manager, Chris Baksa. Chris’ has over 23 years experience in the compressed air industry and is a valuable resource in assessing and identifying opportunities to improve  system efficiency and reliability.
Chris states that the most common areas for efficiency opportunity are in ‘air leaks, compressor set up, incorrect equipment for the application, poor pipe work and incorrect installation’. Chris highlights that rectifying or removing inefficiencies can lead to massive energy cost savings.
Chris says his focus is providing existing and potential customers with frank, common sense advice to ensure they have the correct set up to provide a high quality and reliable source of compressed air for their plant.
As well as free site inspections Chris can offer further assessment and services such as air audits, air leak audits, airend analysis, oil analysis, overhaul quotes, new and used compressors and ancillary product quotes.
If you think you could benefit from a free site inspection than don’t hesitate to contact Southern Cross Compressors on 1300 098 901 or simply complete the ‘Enquire’ form on this page.