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Southern Cross Compressors provide a wide range of Air Compressors for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), also known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.


Compressed air is commonly used in the food and hospitality industry for:

  • Fruits and vegetables: compressed air is used in processing plants for cleaning containers prior to product filling, product packaging systems, pneumatic controls and automated product sorting
  • Bakeries: compressed air is used in blow-off systems, for sorting, cutting and shaping food products, as well as cleaning containers prior to filling with food
  • Colour sorting: compressed air is used in sorting to remove contaminants as well as product rejects.
  • Packaging: compressed air is used packaging for forming, filling and sealing containers, for example juice and dairy cartons


FMCG machinery must be constantly cleaned to maintain sanitary conditions. Compressed air has been the preferred method used for this application due to the low maintenance and downtimes linked with pneumatics systems.

In Australia, all FMCG organisations are heavily regulated by the Australian Government as well as groups such as the Australian Food & Grocery Council for competition and consumer laws, product liability and environment regulations. Part of this regulation covers food and hospitality quality management and assurance from crop to transport, retail sales and consumption ensuring that the food industry produces safe and nutritious foods for the Australian market, every day.

Southern Cross Compressors can ensure that your compressed air system is safe and running as efficiently as possible. We help maintain highly productive FMCG processes by designing air system that are perfectly suited to each application, taking into account sustainability and energy management. The result? We can reduce your running costs and environmental impact while complying with Australian FMCG requirements in order to deliver the best outcomes for your FMCG.