Was your air compressor package delivered after 31 May 2015?

Enjoy compressor airend lifetime warranty! That’s right!

If your air compressor was delivered after Sunday 31 May 2015, we are providing lifetime warranty on the airend of both the single and 2-stage KHE series compressor packages!

If you’ve experienced air compress breakdown before, you might know that the air compressor’s screw airend is the most critical (and most expensive!) part of any rotary screw air compressor. So, for the unlimited life of the air compressor, we will repair or replace the warrantied airend, no matter how long after you’d bought the air compressor or how hard you’ve been running it.

Why airend lifetime warranty?

Because we have so much confidence in our screw airend. We deliver air compressors and a service regime that minimises air compressor breakdown and emergency services.

Ensure that you correctly service your air compressor. See below for service information.


Take advantage of our fixed price servicing for the first 5 years of your new air compressor’s life! This means that you:

  • Enjoy financial peace of mind
  • Certainty of financial planning
  • Avoid system breakdown
  • Reduce business downtime

Download Lifetime Airend Warranty Terms and Conditions here.

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