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Southern Cross Compressors has a desiccant air dryer to suit every application ensuring whatever your needs are we have the desiccant air dryer to help you achieve the highest quality and driest air you can get.

A desiccant air dryer is suited to applications where air with an extremely low residual moisture content is required. Processes which are susceptible to moisture contamination where even the smallest traces of condensate can cause product spoilage or instrument failure require a desiccant dryer.


  • Electronics
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Food


A twin tower desiccant air dryer will reduce the pressure dew-point of compressed air to -40°C. This is equivalent to an atmospheric dew-point of around -60°C. Compressed air is dried within one tower while the second tower is regenerated using a controlled volume of dried air. This cycle is automatically reversed after a pre-set period of time.

In operation, the desiccant material adsorbs a quantity of moisture in proportion to its weight and ambient conditions.

The dried air, thanks to its low moisture content and due to the expansion that occurs inside the second de-pressurised vessel, causes the  removal of moisture in the saturated vessel. The humid purge air is exhausted to atmosphere through the purge valve and muffler. The regenerated tower is then gradually re-pressurised before it reverts to drying the compressed air stream.