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Custom KHE Compressors go to sea

Salmon farm relies on Southern Cross Compressors

On a recent holiday tour of the Apple Isle, I was fortunate enough to mix business with pleasure by visiting Huon Aquaculture’s salmon farming facilities at Hideaway Bay on Tasmania’s South east coast.

I wanted to see how the company had utilised a series of air compressors in their operations. These compressors were from Southern Cross Compressors Australia Pty Ltd, a client company of mine and I was to write a short piece on their use by Huon.

As I was travelling with wife Jenny and another couple of friends, Huon kindly arranged for the four of us to take a tour of the whole farm, both land based and on the water.

On arrival, we were highly impressed from the outset by the reception area overlooking the bay and also by the reception we got from the Huon staff and especially Leigh Savage, (Marine Development Manager) who was to be our highly informative and amicable tour guide.

From the comfortable reception area we looked out over the land based operations and to the water where we could see floating salmon pens and a few boats going about their business. Little did we know the insight and experience we were about to embark on with Leigh. Leigh apologised re a short delay as we waited for another group to join us. That group of three as it turned out was led by David Morehead who we later discovered to be head of Huon’s marine operations… Well worth the wait!

huon-air-compressorsFrom the moment Leigh showed us aboard his sturdy work boat, I was impressed with the cleanliness and order of everything from the protective clothing we were issued to walking through a decontamination bath before boarding. This workboat was fitted out with an array of equipment including a compact remote-controlled submarine (Sub Flight 10K, Sperre, Rav Technology) with a robotic arm for working underwater. This device was operated from within the work boat at a computerised workstation any high tech games wiz would be proud of. This obviously high investment in such technology heralded the eye-opening experience on which we were about to embark.


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