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Enjoy Airend Lifetime Warranty!

Was your air compressor package delivered after 31 May 2015?

Enjoy compressor airend lifetime warranty! That’s right!

If your air compressor was delivered after Sunday 31 May 2015, we are providing lifetime warranty on the airend of both the single and 2-stage KHE series compressor packages! (more…)

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Southern Cross Air Compressors at NMW 2015 Melbourne

National Manufacturing Week Warranty and Service Surprise

Lifetime Warranty Extension and Fixed Servicing

We LAUNCHED lifetime extension to warranty on our renowned ‘SKY’ series of rotary screw air-end at National Manufacturing Week!

These rotary screw air-ends are used in both single and two-stage KHE series compressor packages. This extension applies to air compressors delivered after 31 May 2015.

The confidence we have in the screw ai-rend, the heart of the compressor, represents a massive change in industry thinking. Simply, because of the outstanding reliability of the screw compressors that are currently in the field. A division of the Kaishan Group, we design and manufacture the highly efficient ‘SKY’ series screw air-ends, and have full factory backing for this bold initiative.


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Compressor innovation with two-stage air compressor

Compressor Innovation

National Manufacturing Week: get the latest manufacturing and air compressor innovation

Constant digital and engineering innovation surround the manufacturing industry, and usually start with these questions:

How do I get competitive? How can I reduce cost and increase profit? Can I be more efficient?

We will be at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for National Manufacturing Week 2015, with our two-stage and LGX compressors on the floor. We will be waiting to give you the answers you’re looking for.


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New Tasmanian Distributors Announced

Southern Cross is proud to announce the appointment of two new distributors in Tasmania to deliver Southern Cross products and services exclusively in Tasmania.

Since 1999 FuidLine North and South have been supporting Tasmanian customers state-wide as a specialist supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment also offering on-site inspections and advice, design and selection and after sales technical support.


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Air Compressor Service

Troubleshooting Compressed Air Systems

There are several common issues that arise in the typical compressed air system at any given time. This guide is to assist those involved in monitoring or maintaining a compressed air system to identify common issues and apply a solution to ensure the system is maintained at maximum efficiency and operating costs are minimised at all times.


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Why Condensate Drains are Critical to Compressed Air System Efficiency

Condensate drains are a commonly overlooked and forgotten component in a compressed air system, nevertheless they play a critical role in ensuring an efficient and reliable system. No matter how much investment is made in efficiency boosting features like Variable Speed Drive (VSD), correctly sized air receivers or lowering system pressure for example, neglecting to install and manage condensate drains correctly will offset some or all of your efficiency gains and cause ongoing headaches due to poor system reliability and increased operating costs.


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rWhat to consider when buying a new air compressor

What do I Need to Consider When Buying a New Air compressor?

When buying a new air compressor, to select the right air compressor is vital to ensure you keep your energy and maintenance costs to a minimum and to deliver long term operating cost savings. Selecting the wrong compressor for your application can lead to thousands of dollars wasted in inefficiencies.

There are a number of things to consider to ensure you get the right air compressor for you, 10 important considerations include:

1) What are you using compressed air for?

How you are going to use the compressed air will dictate the best type of air compressor for your application. Gaining a thorough understanding of your usage by determining how much air you need and when you use it will guide you to the type of air compressor best suited to deliver it efficiently. For existing systems a thorough air audit will help you identify an exact usage profile which can then be used to make informed decisions on requirements.


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reciprocating compressor vs screw compressor

Reciprocating vs. Screw Compressor, Which Should I Buy?

For customers looking for a new air compressor in the 5-15 kW power range this is a common question.

The answer is it depends on the amount and frequency you require compressed air that dictates the type of compressor suited to your application.

If you are a frequent user of compressed air, as in you require compressed air for long durations of time, such as an entire shift, generally a rotary screw compressor would be best suited to your application. Rotary screw compressors perform at peak efficiency when run for long periods of time and are not suited to short periods of demand and long periods off duty. The majority of rotary screw compressors are oil lubricated so not unlike an engine the warmer it gets the better the lubrication and higher the efficiency. Running a rotary screw compressor in short bursts can cause excessive wear and tear due to running cold, decreasing efficiency and increasing maintenance costs. Rotary screw compressors are generally more expensive than reciprocating compressors but they also come with advantages such as superior efficiency (in suitable applications), and can be programmed to turn off during breaks or at the end of the shift to avoid energy usage when no compressed air is required.


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