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2 stage energy saving air compressors by southern cross air compressors

Want to save energy? Two-stage air compressor technology

Southern Cross CEO, Mark Ferguson: “If Australian industry really wants to get serious about saving energy then it needs to take a close look at ‘two-stage’, air compressor technology. As energy costs continue to outstrip other business input expenses it is critical, more than ever before, to find new ways to save power. Two-stage compressors may just be one of the answers.”

“Many customers get fixated with the capital cost of an air compressor and whilst those that want to save energy costs, will look a little deeper and review service costs, very few understand the long-term total operating cost of compressed air,” says Ferguson. “The largest cost related to producing compressed air is in energy, and this typically represents the highest energy usage in the plant. With continuously rising energy costs it’s an area in which businesses can readily address to achieve substantial potential savings,” he adds. “Two-stage compressors really are low hanging fruit”.


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Enjoy Airend Lifetime Warranty!

Was your air compressor package delivered after 31 May 2015?

Enjoy compressor airend lifetime warranty! That’s right!

If your air compressor was delivered after Sunday 31 May 2015, we are providing lifetime warranty on the airend of both the single and 2-stage KHE series compressor packages!

If you’ve experienced air compress breakdown before, you might know that the air compressor’s screw airend is the most critical (and most expensive!) part of any rotary screw air compressor. So, for the unlimited life of the air compressor, we will repair or replace the warrantied airend, no matter how long after you’d bought the air compressor or how hard you’ve been running it.

Why airend lifetime warranty?

Because we have so much confidence in our screw airend. We deliver air compressors and a service regime that minimises air compressor breakdown and emergency services.

Ensure that you correctly service your air compressor. See below for service information.


Take advantage of our fixed price servicing for the first 5 years of your new air compressor’s life! This means that you:

  • Enjoy financial peace of mind
  • Certainty of financial planning
  • Avoid system breakdown
  • Reduce business downtime

Download Lifetime Airend Warranty Terms and Conditions here.

Contact us here or call 1300 098 901.


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KHE75 Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Make Good Business Decisions with Air Compressor Technology Plus Maintenance

We offer cost-saving 2 Stage air compressor technology plus maintenance services

Save costs and reduce business down-time with our KHE 2 Stage series

Manufacturers can’t go without an air compressor system, yet compressed air expenses are a pain in business-managers sides.

Why? Because large volumes of energy are used.

Luckily, we specialise in:

  • Large air compressor selection
  • Advanced compressor technology
  • Reliable and effecting compressor maintenance

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to air compressors for business, so we offer reliable, state-of-the-art air compressors and services to keep your business running and ensure operating costs are kept in check.

How does it work?

Our KHE 2 Stage rotary screw air compressor series works by dividing the compression ration between two separate screw air ends and cools the air in between the stages. In a single stage air compressor, air is taken at its atmospheric pressure and boosts to its final release pressure, resulting in a high overall compression ratio. This means that our 2 Stage air compressors reduces the compression ratio by more than half, which in turn improves the efficiency of the machine.

Improved machinery efficiency means a lot more compressed air is released with the same power use, saving your business more money on power costs! How much? Typically 15-20% power saving translates to an energy saving of around $40,000.00 per year!

Contact us for a free air system check, and take a look at our KHE 2 Stage series here.

We spoke with Manufacturer’s Monthly about choosing the right air compressor for your business, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Reliable maintenance and servicing, no matter your air compressor brand

We live and breathe air compressors, so no matter the brand, we offer maintenance services to help ensure your air compressor is running as efficiently as it can. Then when you are ready for an upgrade and high cost-savings, we can help you make the switch to an air compressor with greater technology efficiency. We offer:

  • Air receiver inspections
  • Air compressor hire
  • Air compressor installation
  • Compressed air design
  • Air compressor service, maintenance and repairs
  • Compressed air audits
  • Air leak detection audits

See our full range of air compressor services here.

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