Lower energy use and achieve higher efficiency with scroll compressor technology

We recently introduced the Ganey range of advanced lubricated scroll compressor technology that delivers exceptional efficiency with minimal moving parts.

If you operate a small to medium sized business and currently use a piston-type reciprocating compressor, you are likely paying too much to operate those machines with limited energy efficiency. By updating your compressor to the advanced scroll compressor technology, you can enjoy smooth, vibration-free operation that is proven to be more reliable than piston-type compressors.

The Ganey range of scroll compressor is known for its compact, low-noise operation with its dynamically balanced, non-contact orbital scroll for quiet performance. Its compact size allows for smaller installation spaces.

With a Ganey scroll compressor, you benefit from:

  • Reliable performance and ultra quiet operation
  • Advanced control and monitoring
  • Compact design with no vibration
  • Direct drive (no drive belts to replace)
  • Compressed air supply with lower energy bills
  • Built-in temperature and overload protection

Contact us for more information about how you can start lowering your energy bills and increasing compressed air output with a Ganey scroll compressor! If you’re looking for air compressor accessories, see them here. If you’re looking for our 2 stage compressors, see them here!