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Southern Cross Compressors offers an extensive range of 3 phase industrial air compressors for a wide range of applications.

All Southern Cross industrial air compressors are manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure each air compressor delivers industry leading efficiency and reliability. The Southern Cross air compressor range will reduce your energy costs and save you money on maintenance costs over the life of the machine.

Please click on the product links to see more detailed information on the industrial air compressors suitable for your application.

Industrial Screw Air Compressor Range

Reciprocating Industrial Air Compressors KA Series piston

Reciprocating Air Compressors Range – Piston

KA Series

The KA Series are a heavy-duty yet highly efficient range of cast iron reciprocating compressors designed to handle a wide range of applications. Available in:

  • Power: 3-15kW (4-20 hp)
  • Free Air Delivery: 0.40-2.00 (14-70 cfm)
  • Up to 3 years extended warranty available*
LGX series compact rotary screw industrial air compressor

Compact Rotary Screw Compressors Range

LGX Series 

Designed for small-medium sized workshops, a compact screw compressor option.

  • Power: 5.5-15 kW (10-20 hp) Available in:
  • Free Air Delivery: 0.78-2.35 m³/min (7-20 cfm)
  • Up to 3 years extended warranty available
Rotary Screw Industrial Air Compressors KHE series

Rotary Screw Air Compressors Range

KHE Series 

Our flagship range of industrial air compressors the KHE Series Screw Compressors are of the highest quality available. Industrial Screw Compressors available in:

  • Fixed or Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Power: 15-400 kW (20-536 hp)
  • Free Air Delivery: 2.5-74 m³/min (88-2616 cfm)
  • Up to 5 years extended warranty available*
Scroll Industrial Air Compressors

Scroll Air Compressors

 Piston compressors have for many years been the workhorse of small business.

Demands from industry to reduce energy costs, improve reliability and provide a safe working environment have now virtually rendered the piston type compressor obsolete.

Ganey advanced, lubricated ‘Scroll’ technology offer energy efficiency with minimal moving parts in an ultra-quiet, compact package. With the added benefit of continuous load capability and an integral aftercooler to reduce moisture carry over, you get to experience a reliable compressed air supply with lower energy bills.

2 stage rotary screw industrial air compressor energy efficient

2 Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors

This latest generation of energy efficient air compressors can save 15-20% on your power bills.

  • FROM 75 – 355 kW

Our ground-breaking range of KHE Series ‘2 Stage’ rotary screw air compressors offer outstanding energy savings when compared to conventional single-stage compressors.

Portable compact rotary screw industrial air compressors

Diesel Screw Air Compressors Range

LGCY Series

The LGCY Series Diesel Screw Air Compressor is designed from high quality material and is specifically made for heavy duty purposes. This machine is designed to last, delivering you and your business reliable and cheaper compressed air

  • Designed for high efficiency operation
  • Built tough for reliability and endurance
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Simple and practical operating system
  • High quality components and engineering
  • Available in both low and high pressure models


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Read our article What do I Need to Consider When Buying a New Air compressor? for information on selecting the right air compressor for your application.

Not sure whether you need a reciprocating compressor or a rotary screw compressor? Our article Reciprocating vs. Screw Compressor, Which Should I Buy? can help you decide which air compressor type will best suit your application.

Southern Cross offer extended warranties on all industrial air compressor models to give you peace of mind in knowing you are purchasing the highest quality product.

Industrial air compressors are exposed to some harsh conditions/environments so getting expert advice on the air compressor suitable to your particular application is vital to ensure your air compressor and compressed air system can achieve maximum efficiency and keep your operating costs to a minimum.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an industrial air compressor, including:

  • Plant air demand
  • Power source(s) available
  • Space
  • Noise
  • Budget
  • Air quality needs

And many more…..

Each application is different so contact Southern Cross for expert advice on your particular application.

Southern Cross has one of the most experienced teams of air compressor experts in the industry and can advise you of which industrial air compressor products and services will help you achieve the most efficient and reliable compressed air system possible.

Please call us on 1300 098 901 or fill out the “ENQUIRE NOW” form on this page to receive expert information and advice on the best industrial air compressors suitable for your application.

*Conditions Apply