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Auto Drains for Compressed Air Systems

Automatic Condensate Drains or Auto Drains as they are commonly known can save time and money by removing the daily responsibility of releasing a manual drain.

Various sizes & designs available to suit your needs:

  • 240 volt or float type
  • Designed for specific commercial applications

Talk to our engineers to help correctly identify which auto drains should be fitted to your system.

Noise – some auto drains are noisy because they discharge some compressed air out of the auto drain before the valve closes. Air is useful because it helps remove any debris.

Cleanliness of the auto drain – High velocity is important to the auto drains operation.

Types of Auto Drains

  • Electronic auto drain – zero loss auto drain (it will remove condensate but keep your compressed air within the system)
  • Electric timed solenoid auto drains (adjustable settings to allow perfect set-up for any application)
  • Float type auto drain (a valve which forces the condensate to exit the compressed air system)


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