Air Receivers

Southern Cross Compressors has a high quality air receiver range with a range of sizes up to 40 m³ and pressures up to 40 bar to ensure we have the right air receiver for your system to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Air Receiver Range of Pressure Vessels

A correctly sized air receiver is critical to the efficient operation of a compressed air system. Inefficiencies caused by frequent loading and unloading can be reduced considerably by installing a correctly engineered vessel.

Energy savings realised by allowing the compressor to fully unload between cycles can far outweigh any cost saved by purchasing a small vessel. A rapidly cycling compressor will result in a marked increase in maintenance, wear & tear and energy cost.

A correctly sized air receiver will pay for itself over and over again. Air receivers offer the added benefit of acting as a moisture separator to remove condensate from the air.

The larger the vessel, the longer the air is allowed to travel through the air receiver and the more condensate that will drop to the bottom to be drained away. Condensate can damage equipment and cause product spoilage.

Air Receivers Features

• Fully OHS compliant
• Manufactured in accordance with Pressure Vessel Code AS1210-3
• Vessel standard design pressure 13 bar.g.
• High quality external surface treatment
• Full range of pressure gauges and safety valves available
• Manual & automatic drains available
• Large connection sizes to suit a wide range of applications

Safety & Pressure

  • Safety Valve – The safety valve must be sized for the total amount of air that can possibly be directed through the vessel at the specified design pressure (the safety valve must be sized for individual vessels)
  • Pressure Gauges – Wide selection of sizes and pressure ranges with bottom or rear entry BSP connections
  • Autodrains – Available in all shapes and sizes. See our autodrain page for the one to suit your application or talk to our Engineers for a recommendation.

If you would like some expert advice on selecting the right size air receiver for your application to ensure maximum efficiency than don’t hesitate to contact us. Talk to our Engineers to help you correctly size your air receiver.


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