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air compressor parts and spares

Air Compressor Parts

Southern Cross Compressors parts are high quality genuine parts to ensure reliability and safety for you. Learn More >

auto drains compressed air

Auto Drains

Auto Drains, Automatic Condensate Drains saves time and money by releasing you of the responsibility of manual drain. Learn More >

oil water separators

Oil Water Separators

Our oil water separators help you remove and dispose oil contaminants from your compressed air system. Learn More >

condensate separators compressed air

Condensate Separators

Southern Cross Compressors designed centrifugal condensate separators to remove condensed moisture and bulk condensate. Learn More >



Aftercoolers is designed specifically by Southern Cross Compressors to protect and maintain your compressor’s components. Learn More >

Air Filters

Air Filters

Our air filters save money by maintaining and avoiding damages to our components. Learn More >

Air Receivers

Southern Cross Compressors designed Air Receivers for your system to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Learn More >


Refrigerated Air Dryers

Southern Cross Compressors has a complete range of high quality refrigerated air dryers that is suitable for any application. Learn More >

desiccant compressed air d

Air Dryers

Southern Cross Compressors offers a range of air dryers suitable for any application to remove water vapour to prevent condensation from occurring and to prevent moisture from interfering in sensitive industrial processes. Learn More >

desiccant compressed air d

Desiccant Air Dryers

Southern Cross Compressors has a range of high quality desiccant air dryers to suit any application. Learn More >