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Southern Cross Compressors “Lower the cost of your Compressed Air”.

Who Is Southern Cross Compressors?

Formed in 1983 as an air compressor service and maintenance business, Southern

Cross Compressors (Australia) have recently invested in transforming every aspect

of its operations to a more customer orientated company whilst still expanding and

enhancing its unique technical servicing capabilities.


Entering into a partnership with one of the world’s largest compressed air equipment designers and manufacturers, Kaishan Compressor Co, in early 2013 has allowed Southern Cross to greatly expand its product range whilst introducing new compressed air technologies for the Australian market.

Company CEO, Mark Ferguson states: “The Kaishan acquisition has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver the companys positioning promise of ‘lower cost compressed air’ through the introduction of a much wider range of system types and capacities to accurately suit our customers varied applications.”

To support the expansion of business, Southern Cross have established one of the industry’s largest service teams, fully trained and equipped to diagnose and solve compressed air system problems at short notice. Mobile technicians are capable of servicing not only the company’s equipment but virtually any make and model of air compressor manufactured.

With increasing energy costs to industry, Southern Cross has a committed company policy to develop and improve compressed air systems to deliver higher efficiency at lower energy cost to its customers”. Mark states that “our three pillar approach combining the supply of energy efficient products, flexible high quality service programs, sound technical advice and support underpins our promise of lowering the cost of compressed air. The company has developed a unique ‘5 Star’ approach to the supply of its total services including:

Air audits that clearly identify major potential savings Custom design of systems that efficiently cater to customer needs coupled with professional flexible installations that reduce losses and ensure long life system operation.

Research and development that continuously delivers more energy efficient products.

A service regime that is second to none offering customised service agreements that meet individual customer needs.

With the Head office in Victoria, a branch operation in Queensland and a growing distributor and service network across the country, Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) Pty Ltd is well placed to play a leading role in the Australian compressed air industry.   

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