This latest generation of energy efficient air compressors can SAVE 15 – 20% on your power bills

  • FROM 75 – 355 kW

Our ground-breaking range of KHE Series ‘2 Stage’ rotary screw air compressors offer outstanding energy savings when compared to conventional single-stage compressors.

Our extensive range covers capacities from 17.4m³/min (75kW) up to 70m³/min (355kW) and with pressures ranging up to 13 barg. This is by far the widest range of two-stage rotary screw air compressors available!

The Southern Cross range of KHE 2 STAGE Rotary Screw Air Compressors brings outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability to industry.

What is 2 Stage Compressed Air Technology?

Unlike a conventional single stage compressor, a 2 Stage air compressor divides the overall compression ratio between two distinct stages. This significantly reduces internal leakage losses resulting in substantial efficiency gains as well as extended bearing life due to reduced applied loads.
Southern Cross 2 Stage air compressors require a smaller drive motor to produce the equivalent volume flow rate to that of a comparable single stage compressor.

Why is it much more efficient?

These remarkable efficiency savings are achieved through reduced leakage losses across each stage, optimised oil injection and enhanced airend geometry.

What are the investment benefits?

Replacing a single stage with Southern Cross 2 Stage air compressor technology will typically result in a rapid investment payback based on energy cost savings. As energy costs continue to rise, these savings will increase. A conservative 15% power saving based on replacing a conventional 200kW compressor with a 2 Stage unit could realise annual energy savings of around $40,000 based on 8760 and $0.15/kWhr.

What capacity compressors are available?

With capacities from 16m3/min (75kW) up to 70m3/min (355kW) and pressures up to 13 bar.g, Southern Cross can cover most industry requirements.

Safety and the Environment

  • The entire Southern Cross range of compressors include safety features such as guarded rotating components, shrouded electrical components and internal spillage containment.

Laminar Flow Inlet Controller

  • Laminar flow controller results in lower pressure drop through the intake increasing output and saving energy

Schneider Switchgear

  • Outstanding reliability.
  • Excellent component life.
  • Worldwide support.

316 Stainless Steel Control Tubing

  • Increased reliability due to indefinite, corrosion free life. (Material such as nylon, copper or mild steel will fail in time, causing downtime)

Three Stage Tangential Oil Separation

  • Excellent mechanical oil pre-separation/reduced direct oil impingement onto separator element.
    Low dust contact results in lower pressure drop, longer element life and lower energy consumption.
  • Residual oil carryover limited to 2mg/m3*



(*liquid phase)
2 stage air compressor two stage rotary screw air compressor

‘SKY’ Series 2 Stage Air End

  • Asymmetric 5/6 rotor profile.
  • KAPP ground rotor technology for tighter clearances and improved lubrication.
  • SKF Bearings.
  • Precision machined bell housing to maintain coupling alignment.
  • Flexible coupling with easily serviceable element.

“Ultra Web” Air Intake Filters

  • Full air flow, low restriction, nanofibre technology.
  • Deep bed media ensures excellent dust capture.
  • Increased free air delivery for further energy savings.

Optimised Gearing

  • Large, slow running airends.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Extended bearing life.

Digital Control Panel

  • Protects compressor in the event of a fault.
  • Provides service required alert.
  • Sequencing of up to 16 compressors.
  • External monitoring via RS485 interface.

Single Pass Oil & After Coolers

  • Minimised thermal stress.
  • Lower operating temperature.
  • Maximum 50℃ ambient.
  • Low oil carryover.
  • Low cooling air velocity – reduces dust build up.

Low Noise Centrifugal Cooling Fans

  • Higher static pressure provides superior cooling performance compared to traditional axial fans.
  • Lower noise level.
  • Even air flow across the cooler face.
  • VSD fan control (110kW & above) provides energy savings as cooling air flow is reduced during periods of light load or low ambient temperatures.
  • Cooling air bypasses main compressor compartment results in reduced internal dust build up.

Hight Efficiency Electric Motors

  • Hight efficiency WEG motors.
  • TEFC to IP 55, protected from dust and moisture.
  • Class F insulation.
  • MEPS II compliant.
  • FROM 75-355 kW
  • Up to 20% energy savings
  • Extended bearing life

There’s a Southern Cross KHE SERIES 2 Stage compressor to suit your application.

Due to the overall efficiency of 2 Stage technology where less energy is required to generate higher levels of output, the drive motor can be one or two sizes smaller than required for equivalent single stage models.

A Southern Cross full air audit or site assessment of your current system will assist in determining the 2 Stage model required to meet your air output demands.

Our Southern Cross KHE Compressor Series are available with a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements including:

  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Sequencing Control
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • High Pressure 13 bar
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Water Cooled Packages
  • Dirty Environment Packages
  • Custom Engineered Packages

All our products are manufactured to exacting standards in accordance with ISO9001-2008. Unit performance measured in accordance with ISO1217. Ed3 Annex C – 1996.
Reference conditions:

  • Absolute inlet pressure = 1bar
  • Ambient temperature = 20℃
  • Cooling temperature = 20℃
  • Noise pressure level measured in accordance with ISO2151 2004(E)

All information in this publication is subject to change without prior notification.

2 stage air compressor table

Dimensions and weights shown are for fixed speed compressors and may vary for variable speed models.

Imagine an intelligent air compressor that can accurately and rapidly vary its output to match your constantly changing demand with corresponding reduction in absorbed power.

More than 70% of the long term cost of owning an air compressor can be attributed to energy usage. Over the life of the compressor, this adds up to many times the original investment, yet in many cases, much of this energy is wasted through poor part load control.

A variable speed controller enables the compressor output to exactly match demand eliminating the high part load energy usage experienced with fixed speed compressors.



  • Direct coupled motor and airend operate at low speed
  • Gradual increase in motor speed eliminates starting spikes and cost penalties
  • Excessive part load energy consumption is significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • A steady system pressure is maintained lowering system stress and overall air demand
  • Reduced artificial demand due to lower operating pressures
  • Significantly lower noise levels

Variable speed drive (VSD) gives even
Greater energy savings with
Complete control of your variable
Compressed air demands

chartWith the elimination of wasted energy, cost savings as high as 35% are possible. In many instances such savings mean the additional capital cost of the variable speed drive option can be recovered in less than one years operation.


Southern Cross VSD compressors use the renowned Schneider Altivar 61 Variable Speed Drive.

  • Efficient and reliable
  • Worldwide support


kaitecThe advanced Kaitec system delivers total management and control of all compressor operating parameters including:

  • Operating parameters display, warning and stop alarms
  • Programmed maintenance schedules
  • Recording of compressor operational history
  • Remote monitoring via 4G network

Smart Network Control
The network control system is designed to control multiple compressors, assuring maximum energy savings. Each compressors operating information such as: Airoutlet temperature, air velocity, loading and unloading status can be accessed through an external interface.

Why you’ll make the right choice when you choose a Southern Cross 2 Stage Compressor

When you invest in any Southern Cross product, you can be assured of accessible, reliable and prompt support. With world class products and one of Australia’s largest fleets of rapid response service vehicles manned by highly trained and experienced service technicians, the company fully backs its customers with its unique brand of service. Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) Pty Ltd has sustained continual growth from its early beginnings in 1983 as an end to end compressed air service provider. The key to our success is the ability to service and maintain any brand, model or type of compressor.

Southern Cross Compressors philosophy and promise to its customers is ‘Lower Cost Compressed Air‘ through:

  • The supply of high quality, energy efficient products,
  • Flexible, professional service support.
  • Sound technical advice and application.

kaishanWord class technology, product range and capabilities

As a division of the Global Kaishan Compressor Co, of one of the worlds largest and most advanced compressor designers and manufacturers, Southern Cross has direct access to the worlds best technologies in its field with totally integrated production ensuring the utmost quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

“We’ll always give you the best in systems and service”

All Southern Cross 2 Stage series compressors include design features such as high efficiency WEG drive motors, Schneider switchgear and VSD’s, laminar flow inlet controllers, high ambient single pass coolers, low noise centrifugal cooling fans and stainless steel control tubing all contributing to increased energy efficiency and reliability.

Southern Cross Compressors offer flexible service programs to ensure your 2 Stage compressor is maintained in optimum runing order. You can be confident of interruption free production at the lowest possible energy cost.

OUR PROMISE… Lower Cost Compressed Air

Only Southern Cross gives you true five star service

In today’s competitive industry, it is vital to keep energy costs to a minimum whilst ensuring trouble free, efficient operation. No matter what industry you are in, when it comes to compressed air supply, Southern Cross Compressors have the experience, products and personnel to handle your specific situation.

Our unique 5 star approach begins with a thorough understanding of your application enabling us to clearly identify your unique requirements and provide the right system design, product selection, installation and service programs.

highest performance, most efficient compressed air system.
With well over 30 years experience in the Australian compressed air industry, Southern Cross can service your every need, no matter what system, brand or configuration.
Combined with this vast local experience and international affiliations, Southern Cross Compressors enjoys “Worlds Best” technical and product sourcing capabilities.

Inefficiencies ad high as 50% are typical in may operating systems.

Using the latest ultrasonic flow meters and leak detection technology, an air usage profile can be created and matched to the ideal operating system for each customers application. This “Air Audit” can lead to remarkable improvements in efficiencies and savings in energy costs per year. In most cases the savings far outweigh the audit fees.

Compressed air where and when you need it…efficiently !

Designing the right compressed air system is fundamental to maximising efficiency and reliability.
This leads to higher performance and significant savings in energy costs over the life of the system. With local and international know how, Souther Cross are highly capable of designing and engineering exactly the right system with due consideration to the demands of the application, maintenance access, ventilation, pressure drop and environment.

We stock a comprehensive range of products and parts to suit most compressed air systems

  • Single and 2 Stage, fixed and variable speed rotary screw compressors from 15 – 400kW
  • Piston compressors from 3 – 15kW
  • Portable diesel compressors
  • Air dryers
  • Coalescing filters
  • After coolers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Oil-water separators
  • Condensate separators
  • Auto drains

Compressed air where you need it on time and on budget.

A flexible compressed air system installation is critical to ensure costs are minimised. Stringent installation procedures ensure pipe work, connections and system components are to exacting standards. ie: leak free, minimal pressure drop and possible future expansion are fundamental considerations.

Materials used include: Copper, Mild Steel, Aluminium and PE (plastic).

Consistently meeting customer needs underpins our success.

Highly trained, experienced and professional service technicians fully understand the importance of minimising downtime and maximising reliability.
24 hour response support ensures a quick resolution to any problem that may occur.

An extensive range of flexible service plans allow customers to budget and control the costs of preventative maintenance.


2 Stage technology works by dividing the overall compression ratio between two distinct screw airends, as opposed to one, minimising internal losses and resulting in efficiency gains of between 15 and 20%. This typically means a compressor with a drive motor one or even two sizes smaller is required to maintain a plants air demand.

To put this in perspective, a 15% power saving based on replacing a conventional 200kW compressor with a 2 stage unit could realise annual energy savings of around $40,000. Add a variable speed drive for part load control and with other adjustments the savings could be considerably more. As an investment a 2 stage unit will recover the initial capital cost based on energy savings in a relatively short time frame. As energy prices continue to rise, the savings only get bigger.

An added benefit is extended bearing life as lower airend compression ratios also means considerably reduced bearing loads.

Each KHE series compressors include design features such as high efficiency drive motors, Schneider switchgear and VSD’s, laminar flow inlet controllers, high ambient single pass coolers, low noise centrifugal cooling fans and stainless steel control tubing all contributing to increased energy efficiency and reliability.

We offer flexible service programs to ensure your 2 Stage compressor is maintained in optimum running order. You can be confident of interruption free production at the lowest possible energy cost.

Contact us today for expert advice on how our ‘2 Stage’ KHE Series air compressor can save you energy use (and thousands of dollars) per year!

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